Luma Premium Graduate Programs Admissions Service

If you are completing or have completed your undergraduate degree, and you are considering getting a world-class graduate education in the US, then this program is for you. Luma can assist in helping you find the most suitable program and help you get into the school of your dreams. Luma will work with the client to:

  • Assist the client in creating a visual professional roadmap with short and long term goals, in order to understand how he or she will best take advantage of the graduate program. The roadmap will also be essential to select the graduate degrees that are most compatible with the client.
  • Choose the ideal graduate programs to which the client will apply. To do this, we will analyze the client’s professional roadmap, goal GRE scores, academic history, professional experiences and skills, and career goals. We will then create an exclusive report, which will include suggested safety, good match, and reach programs.
  • Formulate and execute a plan to maximize the student’s potential GRE score.
  • Create a detailed application timeline with the clients to ensure this admissions process is seamless and deadlines are met.
  • Perfect client’s resume/CV, customizing it to the specific graduate programs to which the client is applying.
  • Assist the client in creating a LinkedIn profile, and building a network on the platform.
  • Discuss and ensure that required documents the client needs to prepare are timely available and translated.
  • Provide recommendations on how to get exceptional references from academic and professional recommenders.
  • Guide the student in producing a powerful personal statement that maximizes her chances of admission. Our goal is not only to help our students create a well-written personal statement, but, by using the art of storytelling, to also connect with the admissions officers reviewing the application. We collaborate with the student to assist with the following activities:

    1. Exploring unique and powerful personal statement topic.

    2. Discussing the personal statement over several drafts in order to ensure that the content is cogent and compelling, highlighting the student’s uniqueness and talents.

    3. Polishing and finalizing the personal statement. Each paper is reviewed by two professionally certified editors in the U.S. and Fran to ensure that it is carefully crafted, that the flow is immaculate, and that it is generally beautifully written with no grammar, syntax, or structural errors.

  • Coach students during interview process as needed.
  • Assist in the decision-making process once the student has received acceptance letters.
  • Conduct waitlist and deferral analysis for the student as necessary.
  • Provide resources and recommendations on how to obtain scholarships and other types of financial aid.