Advanced Education Planning

(Recommended for parents and students as early as the first year of high school)

Luma’s Advanced Education Planning program is catered to ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade high school students and their parents. Luma will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the student’s skills, specialties, interests, and goals to plan for the student’s educational future. By giving students a head start, we greatly increase the student’s chances to gain admission to the school of his or her dreams. Planning early furthermore reduces the student’s stress and increases his or her confidence when the application process begins, as he or she will be more prepared than other candidates who just started thinking about the application process.

Luma will work with the student and his or her parents to:

  • Analyze the student’s grades, skills and specialties, and current extracurricular activities thoroughly.
  • Create an exclusive customized strategy plan for students’ academic and non-academic goals to be achieved, and specific means to achieve them. This strategy plan will include short- and long-term plans that Fran and the student will execute.
  • Provide academic coaching to the student. This includes the setting of target grade averages, as well as goals in specific classes.
  • Create yearly tactics to maximize student’s standardized testing (SAT score.
  • Plan productive extracurricular activities (ex: volunteer programs, internships, summer programs, jobs) that will have a strong, positive effect on the college application.
  • Supply a curated reading list and courses for students to improve their English vocabulary and understanding of American literature, history, and culture.
  • Generally coach the student to ensure that he or she gets a thorough understanding of what US colleges look for in ideal candidates.
  • Provide resources and recommendations on how to obtain scholarships and other types of financial aid.