Our service is customized.

Luma starts with YOU:

Countless international students end up at universities where they don’t feel at home, or majoring in fields that are not the right fit for them. At Luma, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your skills, specialties, interests and goals, to determine what are the most suitable programs for you.

Luma plans early and thoroughly:

  • We start planning early with you and your family, to shape and strategically plan your academic roadmap.
  • We work with you on picking classes during your first semester of school, setting you up for a successful college career.
  • We assist in crafting your professional career blueprint.
  • We transform your resume to make it marketable to specific industries.
  • We assist in helping you find internships and jobs.

Luma does the research:

  • Once you have decided the universities to which you will apply, we conduct a thorough analysis of what each admissions program is looking for in an ideal candidate. We thus ensure that every detail of your application, no matter how small, increases your chances of admission.
  • We conduct research on the internship and job opportunities that will be most beneficial to your long-term professional aspirations.

Luma does not follow a template:

  • One of the most important parts of your application is your personal statement; it should not be based on a template. At Luma we take time to brainstorm, build and edit your personal statement, so that it’s deeply personal, and has a profound impact on the admissions officer reviewing your application. Your personal statement will be further reviewed by two professionally certified American editors and Fran (Luma founder) to ensure that your application is impeccable. ERROR-FREE!
  • For guidance plans that include resume/CV development, we will help you tailor them for the individual jobs to which you are applying, and to set them in the format that is most applicable to the relevant job and industry. This greatly increases your chances of being called for an interview.

Luma goes above and beyond traditional admissions services:

  • We guide you in developing an effective professional network, showing you how to exploit the communication methods that are most suitable to your personality.
  • We teach you how to highlight your skills and ace job interviews.
  • We build a strong professional network from all over the world.