Though high schools may have internal college counselors, they are responsible for the entire graduating class and generally cannot pay individual attention to each student. Luma provides a customized service based on your needs and aspirations. We take the time to get to know our students in-depth, and assist them to showcase their unique skills, specialities, and personality. This ensures that our students stand out in the pool of thousands of applicants, and maximizes their chances of admission.

Getting into college is not just about the grades. Grades play a major part but it is essential to assess the student’s overall performance. Please contact Luma for more information.

Only you can make your personal statement stand out, and we can help! We do not follow a template. Admissions officers see thousands of applications per semester from all over the world. When determining whether to offer you admission, the personal statement is an essential opportunity for the admissions officers to connect with you and for you to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

One of the things that separate Luma from other admissions counselling services is that we take time to get to know our students and their aspirations. We help our students find their voice in order to create a genuine, powerful statement that will make a deep and positive impression on the admissions committee. We use two professionally certified American editors and Francine (founder) to review your essay until it is beautifully crafted, flawless, and unique.

As early as the first year of high school is ideal, but it is also never too late. For the late starters, we could discuss strategic plans to increase your chances of getting into a great school.

Yes, there are many options and it is difficult to decide which is the best school or program for you.

Unlike other services, Luma takes the time during the initial stages to help our students determine what majors and programs are most appropriate for them. We perform a thorough analysis of our students’ background, interests, and aspirations, and provide suggestions that are good matches.

For prospective undergraduates, it’s important to take some time to think about what your interests are, write them down, and explore options to obtain valuable field experience.

We further recommend that you do research! Not only online, we suggest that you also interview people who work in your fields of interest or who currently have your dream job. There is no one method to achieve your dream so it is helpful to talk to people with different backgrounds.

The answer is “it depends.” First, think about what you want to do after you get the degree. Going to graduate school is expensive and might require you to put your career on hold. Ensure that this commitment is worth your money and, especially, your time. How will the degree help you grow and fit into your overall professional plan?

Conduct research and talk to people in companies where you want to work, and to individuals who have your dream job before making the commitment to go to graduate school. There is no one method to achieve professional success. 

Schedule a call with Luma to discuss your individual case.

Francine and her team are flexible, responsive, and professional. Though Francine is based in New York, distance is not an obstacle to face time. We work with time differences to accommodate sessions at convenient hours.

We check in weekly via email and/or video conference. Francine will set an individualized clear deadline for you once you begin the service.

We can be reached at:

We use Microsoft 365 to video conference. All you need is an msn or hotmail account to start and it is free to register. With Microsoft 365, we can share documents on a shared screen during our video conference, and it manages our shared documents as well.

Each application is individualized. There is no one formula for all. Please contact Luma for more information.

We focus on helping students find the most suitable school based on their academic and extracurricular backgrounds, interests, and professional goals. Luma’s philosophy is helping students become the best versions of themselves and find fulfilment in a school with which they are compatible, looking at a much broader set of criteria than simply school rankings.

Parents should play an important role in the admissions process. A high school student’s academic demands and extracurricular activities are hard to manage by themselves. Planning for the next four years can be like walking through a maze – overwhelming, scary, and confusing. Parents and Luma coaches can work together to help alleviate some of the stress by planning in advance. This will maximize the student’s chances of gaining admission to the school of his or her dreams. In addition, Luma can advise on financial planning and obtaining financial assistance.

We are experts in the field of higher education and have great success in getting our students admitted to top universities in the US. For more information on our service, please go to our service page and feel free to contact us for consultation.

There are great educational programs all around the world. However, the U.S. is the host of the best universities in the world. Here are some of the common reasons why students decide obtain their higher education degrees in the U.S (link).

Students do not need to determine a major prior to enrolling into college. But choosing one, even if you change it at a later time, can strengthen your application by making it more focused. Having a major in mind can help focus your energy in maximizing your opportunities for admission during high school (e.g. finding job and extracurricular opportunities).

Nothing is set in stone. If you realize the major you picked is not suitable for you, you can change it. 

It depends on the industry and your field of expertise. Elite school does not automatically mean better paying jobs. At Luma, we strongly focus on helping you find the most suitable major and program while analyzing current global market trends. Our service further extends to helping you navigate the job market while you are still in school so that you are better prepared when you graduate.

It depends on what you want to do after you graduate from a MBA program or a graduate school program. It’s case by case. Schedule a call with Luma to discuss your individual case. 

It depends on your professional goals and on the place in which you want to practice law after graduating. Luma has worked with students who have obtained either and both type of degrees.

Please schedule a call with Luma to discuss what works best for you.