About Us

Luma Advisory is a New York based company that provides comprehensive tailored admissions, education, and career counseling to international students who are considering pursuing a higher education degree in the United States. In addition to our core admissions services, we conduct advance education planning with parents and students as early as the first year of high school, and we care about the professional and academic growth of our students after their successful entry into U.S. universities. We maintain active, helpful guidance to students as they become active members of the society in which they live and study. Luma coaches are graduates of top US universities and have extensive expertise in higher education, admissions counseling, interviewing, résumé and CV editing, education planning, and career coaching.

Our vision is a world of equal educational opportunities.

Our mission is to create a community of passionate and fulfilled students and alums who, with Luma’s help, have maximized their professional and academic opportunities, becoming the best versions of themselves.

About the Founder

Luma was founded by Fran Jazzan, an admissions and scholarships expert who is passionate about creating positive, transformative changes through higher education.

Luma students work directly with Fran in early education planning and college and graduate school admissions counseling. With her extensive knowledge of, and resources in the American and Chinese education sectors, Fran can make this complex process seamless, and ensure that the students will maximize their academic potential. Fran and her team have extensive experience guiding international students throughout their academic and professional journeys. This allows them to compete on a level playing field with their American peers in the U.S. university application process, helping them find their voice so that they stand out from the application pool.

Fran’s Education Career Highlights:

  • Holds a master’s degree with honors and a certification in coaching from Columbia University. She has been a recipient of multiple scholarships.

  • Currently serves as a college admissions advisor at a blue-ribbon public high school in New York City.

  • Has ten years of experience collaborating with international and U.S. high school students and professionals in getting admitted to top U.S. colleges and graduate school programs.

  • Has over six years of experience as a scholarship and admissions expert, working closely with renowned universities in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

  • Since 2010, Fran has been helping students and professionals to obtain scholarships and other grant awards.

Our Process

Step 1

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Call Luma for a free one-time consultation

Step 2

Start Luma

Start Luma

Setup a meeting with a Luma advisor, allowing her to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your skills, specialties, interests and goals, to determine what are the most suitable academic programs for you.

Step 3

Execution of Guidance Plan

Execution of Guidance Plan

Luma will customize a strategy plan for you to complete to ensure your application process is seamless and you have your best application forward.

Step 4

Next Big Step

Next Big Step

Your relationship with Luma does not end upon your completion of your application process. At Luma, we assist students in making big life decisions, including deciding on which school to accept, finding internships and jobs.

Step 5

Goals Achieved

Goals Achieved

Final Step

Active Luma Network Member

Active Luma Network Member

Luma has built a network of talented individuals from all over the world who live, work, and study in the United States. We want you to be a part of our talent network.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

Our Knowledge and Resources are based in the U.S.

  • We continually collaborate with U.S. universities and admissions officers. Admissions requirements and university expectations change frequently, but our network and resources keep us up to date with the latest admissions news and trends.
  • We have a thorough understanding of current US job trends. Once Luma students have started their higher education at their dream school in the U.S., we help them get the jobs and internships that will maximize their professional development.
  • Our coaches and collaborators have been trained at Ivy League universities, big four consulting firms, and other Fortune 500 companies.


  • We tailor our service to ensure that every detail of our clients’ application is perfect, leveling the playing field and giving our students an advantage not only over other international students but also over domestic U.S. applicants.
  • We do not follow a template! We take time to help students find their specialties and highlight their individuality and successes in their applications, making their application as powerful as can be.
  • Every personal statement and CV is reviewed by two professionally certified American editors and by Fran to ensure that the student’s story is beautifully written, unique, and flawless.

We start early and build lasting relationships

  • We create step-by-step advance education planning for parents who are considering an education in the U.S. for their children. We start working with students as early as the first year of high school to create a strategic academic and extracurricular path that will lead to a successful application process.
  • We care about relationships and the professional growth of our students, and maintain active, helpful relationships even after their successful entry into U.S. universities. We provide academic guidance to students in their first year of college, and later help find the best internship and job opportunities.
  • Luma maintains a network of distinguished professionals to which our students have access, and of which they eventually become members. Advice and guidance from people working in fields that our students would like to enter is invaluable as you complete your degree.

Our Network

Starting school in the United States on your own is hard. At Luma, we care about our clients’ professional growth and want them to succeed. With that purpose, we provide mentorship and peer assistance even after they’ve gained admission to their dream school. Luma has built a network of talented individuals from all over the world who live, work, and study in the United States. Our objective is to help them become the best version of themselves so that they feel fulfilled in their professional endeavors. The Luma Network connects talent and hopes to grow this community by sharing valuable information on professional development in specific professional and academic areas.


Fran has been super helpful in answering admissions related questions. She is very responsive and was always able to offer timely advice or propose several options for particularly complex situations. She has helped me think through my application. Fran is very knowledgeable, and I am surprised by her expertise and how quickly she understands the materials I provided and offer solutions.  She is an expert in what she does. 
T.S. (Columbia University – Class of 2018)
Fran has been been incredibly knowledgeable about issues that arose while we were working on my application together.  She’s a very practical thinker but also creative writer! She was able to think of several ways to address key points to highlight in my application and essay that I thought would be difficult to address. I’ve appreciated her work greatly.
D.A. (NYU- Class of 2010 Undergraduate and Class of 2018 for Graduate Program)
The contributions Fran made by working with 11th grade students begin their college exploration journey is invaluable. During the first session, Fran guided students in identifying career interests through the Myers-Briggs assessment and through personalized interviews. During this process, students learned about themselves as they related their personality, interests, skills, values and aptitudes to many career fields that they can pursue when they enroll in college. During the subsequent sessions, Fran provided individualized guidance to students and helped them get started with their personal statements required by most colleges for admission. Fran’s work and commitment is much appreciated. She has made a difference in our students’ educational experience!
M.G - Assistant Principal at a NY blue ribbon high school, 2016
Fran is a connector. She’s an excellent listener and strategic planner. She understands how to motivate and connect the right people. I have worked with Fran on finding a new job in a new industry and my experience working with her has been a learning journey.
T.M – working for a startup in San Francisco, California, 2016
Looking for a job is hard! Luma Advisory is always looking for opportunities to make my life easier. Fran very much gives the impression that she wants to help.  Her advice is always consistent and she “has my back” in the advice she gives.  She is supremely efficient and capable and is a pleasure to work with.
B.Z – working for Boston Consulting Group, 2016
I quit my job at a top 4 consulting firm. I graduated from Pace University with a background in accounting. Fran helped me get into Pace with a scholarship many years ago. Now I am considering starting my own business and want Luma Advisory’s help to reassess my new goals.
J.L. – Pace University, Class of 2008, New York, 2016
I’m a first generation immigrant from Ecuador. I needed help finding scholarships and grants so I could go to school. Fran helped me find a voice in my personal statement.
F.W – Baruch College, Class of 2020